Everybody must get stoned

Rainy Day Woman, by Bob Dylan

Well, they'll stone ya when you're trying to be so good,
They'll stone ya just a-like they said they would.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to go home.
Then they'll stone ya when you're there all alone.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Well, they'll stone ya when you're walkin' 'long the street.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to keep your seat.
They'll stone ya when you're walkin' on the floor.
They'll stone ya when you're walkin' to the door.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

They'll stone ya when you're at the breakfast table.
They'll stone ya when you are young and able.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to make a buck.
They'll stone ya and then they'll say, "good luck."
Tell ya what, I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Well, they'll stone you and say that it's the end.
Then they'll stone you and then they'll come back again.
They'll stone you when you're riding in your car.
They'll stone you when you're playing your guitar.
Yes, but I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Well, they'll stone you when you walk all alone.
They'll stone you when you are walking home.
They'll stone you and then say you are brave.
They'll stone you when you are set down in your grave.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

I, here in Germany, hear those news about the riot in Tottenham and other English cities too. An I really wish lots of success to all those young and poor rioteers. And those ones among them who are not that poor and who want to take part in a just and legitmate political action too. Long live the revolution....

I just think if you live in such a city as Tottenham, as a young man, well the first time you get beaten up, police will come, may be. But you are still alive and the bullies are away already. The second time you call police, they will just lough at you and say:”Help yourself” --- But if you help yourself, be shure, the'll be at the place again!

Morality of Capitalism just can't be understood by poor people. Because it is incompatible with the principle of the same right for everyone. And that's a thing they know.

So, if you force them, to understand capitalism you will force them on the other hand, to understand that the right for everyone is a false principle. Than your right depends on whether you belong to the gang, or you don't. And they think, that's just what they want because it's the only thing which works and which they still understand.

Of course not all of them are that simple minded. But if you really live among those poor gangs, and you still got some morality you just can't hate them because you see, that they are just helping themselves.

And I think it's just unfair to fight with automatic guns and tanks against people who don't have anything of that and who just fight for what they think that their right is. So I think GB should not go the way of the United States which now is the biggest prison, the world has ever seen. And I'm angry about you calling an american police officer as a consultant.

Often the difference beween murder and legal defence depends on what you were doing before:

If you have been stealing-- well it's murder.

If something has been stolen from you: well it's legal defence.

So the difference between murder and defence is, to whom the things belong...

And if you consiously risk your life by standing on a street, where a thief is fleeing with a car full of stolen things. And you really think, he has to respect your life, while you are trying to spoil his life for at least several years, if he stopps: Well you are just stupid in that case. You deserve to be overrolled. Because you didn't help yourself. ---But I don't know whether it happened in that way. I just imagined---

My personal opinion is that everybody still has to be careful in defending himself. And if you risk your life in order to “defend” yourself, that is more probably an agression.

But I think different about to whom things should belong and so it is just logical that I think different about what should simply be considered as murder. And I don't understand how someone can call himself “labour” and not admit that.

In such a riot people get aware of that relativity. So it is politically useful. On the other hand locking away all criminals is just locking away the opposition.

I hope there will be a way of not getting caught, for everybody, and I am praying, that I will never kill anybody.

Well, we seem to live in a society, where everybody who has got an important function forces the society to give him more and more money and better life-conditions by saying: “If you dont pay more, I won't do my job anymore.” That's the principle of liberalism. So everybody is doing better and better.But, in this society,what could the unemployed say? Who haven't even been granted a function? If they want better life-conditions? Which threat could they employ? They have only the possibility to say: If you don't do, what we want, we will do, what you want to avoid. In other words: cause some damage. So I think, that in liberalism a certain amount of terrorism is inevitable and legitimate.That's just logical.

I wonder why in our society, in which the illiterate dominate the public opinion with the “Bild” and other gutter papers, and where hate is spread on everybody who wants to be something special, something better and who is not just the owner of some enterprise, why in such a society someone should make efforts to become something better? If thinking and saying, that you are better is respected as a kind of crime? I don't think, that it is incomprehensive that the pupils in our country aren't interested in learning anymore, if in reality being cultured means to be hated by your uneducated boss. That's the main reason, why highly educated people should not be forced to do just any job. They will be mobbed by the most stupid people. That's not good for them of course and the young people will no longer wish to go the same way, and that's bad for the society.

All humans are equal? It's my opinion and I have always been saying, that all humans should have the same rights. But the problem is, that always, when I say this, the people which I hate and despise the most, will come and want to be equal with me, and the nice people, which I would like to be equal with, stay away. Some time ago on a political demonstration about equality of opportunity I just wasn't able anymore to shout this slogan. What a chance to take a photo from me with my mouth shut for those who have always been against me! Of course all humans must be equal, but only if they fullfill the same constituent facts. And those who crie the loudest often don't. And especially those who come after them, never do. They are like people who ask you for an autograph, and afterwards make a cheque out of it. And I have always been obliged to pay this kind of cheques. But I like kind people and I hate repressive ones. They are not equal to me.

If really all humans were equal, one should at first start a trial against the state, because it keeps criminals in custody, because most important rights aren't granted to children but assigned to their parents, because you can't have a driving licence if you are blind and you don't get a prescription for medicine if you haven't got a disease and so on. 2021: oops: “covid” makes me wonder...

George Orwell said it in his book Animals Farm: “All animals are equal. But pigs are more equal.”

List of laws, which I propose to abolish

It's really a crazy world in which we live: The primary school lets children learn that word of an Indian chief: Before you haven't caught the last fish, cut the last tree..(and so on) you won't understand that you can't eat money! And afterwards ¾ of all electors including teachers and all those people of whom you think that they know it better vote just for one of these partys, which are responsible for this system, which destructs environmental and human ressources. One of those partys which are established in our parliament since long time and which accept supplicantly or even willing that their decisions are dictated by an economic system which is neither interested in the environment, nor in people. For this system the common wealth ist just a collateral benefit sometimes even a detriment. Why don't the United Nations make a conference for regainig their power from this system? Why don't our politicians demand such a conference? Why don't the politicians protest in the streets, if their power is taken away from them? Why doesn't our chancellor call the american president an asshole if he isn't interested in such a conference? How ist it possible, that people go on electing those partys? What's wrong in peoples brains?

I don't think, it's just and only the money, what we are fighting about in our society, our modern system of living together. Another thing is the power to desire, the power to want to do just anything, the power to want to stay alive. In reallity most of us are already fighting for this power. It's not having, what we want, it's to be given. To be appreciated. Following the liberal dogmatics the power of wanting is produced by the deficiancy, the lack of food, for example, the human needs, which force men to desire to work. But, if this is true, why are there so many people who don't want to do anything anymore, but drink a bottle of booze? So it's evident, that the money is not that primary power which will motivate all people to do everything. It seems, that it's not attractive being humilated for an amount of money, which on the other hand is not enough, to humilate other people.But I don't think that this fight about humilation is really the bottom of all motivations. People want to be respected before they do something and to be appreciated afterwards. A person, who always will do the good, just can't be humilated by others, but only by a lack of success.

Thus we aren't only fighting about money, we are also fighting about appreciation. But though we have strong regulations about our right to possess money, we don't have any regulations about our right to be appreciated. Which is much more important. Appreciation can be stolen, can be sold by others,for others,can be squeezed out of somebody, can be presented,can be produced by work, you just can't buy it for yourself, if you don't work for your money and despise it. Don't we really have any regulations? I can't believe it. I would make one.

People who aren't appreciated, can't work.

Speaking of that Indian chief: If the last man isn't appreciated anymore,then nobody will desire anything anymore, and the money will be just toilet-paper. But those men will be very angry...

This is the interpretation of the former PDS now Linkspartei of that doctrine which, following our mass media, “nobody seriously doubts about”.

I have copied this from the PDS website maybe 2003 because it speaks about the Agenda 2010 It's exactly what I think:

It's my translation, of course.

This “Agenda 2010” is in total just politics of redistribution from the poor to the rich. The law which regulates our social and working conditions will be sacrificed to a race of deregulation in the interest of international shareholders dominance.

What we have to expect from the neoliberalist politics like this “Agenda 2010” or from this liberal and C- partys is neither something helpful for dealing with new challenges, nor for preparing our country for the future. Neoliberalist politics today is labouring to make itself considered as modern by blowing up what they call “old and obsolete”, by calling our care and our caution matronizing and cowardly, and by talking about opportunitys but denying our responsibility for each other.

This politics could abolish society, but never make it better. A political doctrine which understands the fighting together and helping each other of the oppressed as a handcuff, which understands just any efforts people make only as a race of individuals and performers, for which success is only, if you are one of the first to cross the finishing line of this race, a doctrine which not only accepts, that there are loosers, but even can't do without producing loosers and make them responsible bear and pay for everything, such a doctrine ignores that people who live in a society, where nothing is produced without cooperation of uncountable people, that at last these people have no other option, but helping and getting help from each other. Such a doctrine will not answer the question which regulations will make this cooperation worth living it, in present and in future, without forgetting those who can't help themselves.

The deconstruction of social security on one and the snatching of more and more money on the other hand, the conclusive poverty of two-digit percentages of the population, precarious employment, and long time unemployment, a state which is always in desastrous pecuniary difficulties because tax income has been stolen, the reduction of the law that grants social security, democratic participation , and individual freedom,and finally the acceptance of violence and war--- those are the consequences, which more and more people have to deal with. But those aren't acceptable options for the future of our country nor for Europe.

There are three friends. They are boasting about which of them is the most criminal.

The first guy sais: “I've crept through at night below the backdoor of that metal workshop around the corner, then I've dived through the sewage of the toilet. This way I finally arrived at the food repertory of the proprietor, where I ate as much, as I could.”

That's not such a big thing, said the next guy: I've crept in by the farmers backdoor, then I've climbed up onto the roof from where I got into the stable, where I've had sex with the farmers animals.

“Well”, said the third guy:”That's all nothing. I have been applying for a job yesterday.

This is, why I prefer some small banknotes instead of a big one:

Some shop assistants in the supermarket are talking about their work: „Hey, Ann!“, sais the first girl. „I think you know this fat lazy guy who always looks at us from behind, this Mr Sperling? Don't you?“ „Shure. What's going on about him?“ „He doesn't work. He ought not to have more than 50 Euros a week for spending it in the shop, if he gets unemployment assistance. But he always pays with big banknotes.Last week he had a hundred-Euro-note.” “When I was at the till, said another, he paid with a fifty Euro note.” --This makes 150—“And all those 20 and 10 Euro notes! Let's count it up: 100 + 50 + 4x20 + 4x10 =270 Euro ! This guy spends 270 Euros a week though he ought to have only 50! And we, who have to work for 8 Euro an hour, pay his lazy life with our taxes! I'm going to tell everybody about this freeloader.”

Please don't, he's got a family!” “ What does that matter?”

I feel like the Cuba:


Yesterday, 6th May, the United States government announced new measures to make its policy against Cuba even more aggressive and hostile.

In the morning, President Bush restated his hatred of and his aggressive attitude towards our people, repeating his usual cynical attacks and describing this escalation of interventionist measures, when he gave advance notice of them in a brief commentary to a few members of the media. He went as far as to announce brazenly that the aim of these measures was to ?hasten the day that Cuba is a free country?.

Later, in the afternoon, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemispheric Affairs Mr. Roger Noriega, one of the authors of the Helms-Burton Act and the Miami terrorist mob?s representative in the United States government, made an announcement in Washington in which he gave details of a report given to the U.S. president by the ?Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba?, placing particular emphasis on the new economic and political measures the Bush administration is preparing to impose on Cuba.

No report could contain more lies, bitterness, frustration and interference in the internal affairs of another country than are contained in the six chapters and more than 450 pages of the so-called Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba.

Among the strategic measures for achieving the overthrow of the Cuban government the document lists: increasing support to internal counterrevolutionary elements, stepping up international campaigns against Cuba, intensifying subversive and misinformation activities against our country, adopting new measures to affect the Cuban economy and as they put it, ?to undermine the regime?s succession strategy?.

The most significant measures in the first chapter, which is entirely devoted to the new methods to be employed in their attempt to destroy the Revolution, include the following:

1. To make $59 million available over the next two years to pay for actions aimed at destroying the Revolution. Among other things, this money will be used for:

a) creating an international fund to develop, ?civil society? in Cuba, which will engage ?volunteers? from third countries to travel to our country and provide assistance to the mercenaries working for the United States in Cuba. In practice, this means organizing a messenger corps to supply financial and logistic support to the counterrevolution.

b) working with the OAS, to establish, ?a scholarship program? to allow counterrevolutionaries chosen by them to study in universities in the United States and in Latin America. This, in essence, is a plan for training cadres for the counterrevolution in Cuba.

c) Financing programs to support what they call ?democracy ?building efforts by youth, women and Afro-Cubans?. This is a strange aim, coming from the country of the Ku Klux Klan and discrimination of all types.

d) allocating $18 million for the misnamed TV and Radio Marti broadcastings from a C-130 COMMANDO SOLO airborne platform to be used exclusively for that purpose.

e) maintaining and increasing public campaigns against Cuba in third countries on the subject of alleged human rights violations in Cuba, the ?espionage committed against other countries? the ?subversion of democratically elected governments? in Latin America and other acts defined as a threat to U.S. interests; promote international or third-country national conferences to ?disseminate information? about US policies on ?transition? planning efforts related to Cuba. This is another $5 million to finance the mendacious international campaigns that attempt to damage Cuba?s prestige.

2. Limiting those who receive remittances of money and packages to the immediate family of Cubans resident in the United States. Immediate family is defined exclusively as grandparents, grandchildren, parents, siblings, spouses and children. This means that, from now on, Cubans living in the United States will be the only immigrants prevented from sending economic aid to an aged aunt or other close family member.

3. Forbidding Cubans living in the United States from sending remittances and packages to their families if these are ?government officials or members of the Communist party?. For example, a 70 year old mother will have to give up her political right to receive a remittance.

4. Reducing the number of visits to Cuba by Cubans living in the United States from the one visit per year they are allowed today to one visit every three years; establishing, henceforth, the additional restriction of having to apply for a specific license for each trip instead of the general license needed today; giving permission to travel to Cuba only to immediate family members. To this end, the United States government has decreed that from now on the definition of family will be ?grandparents, grandchildren, parents, siblings, spouses and children?. This means that, henceforth, a cousin, an aunt or any other close relative will not, according to President Bush, be a member of the family. This also means that Cubans who have recently arrived in the United States will only be able to travel to Cuba three years after having emigrated. Whereas the Cuban government is making it easier and easier for émigrés to visit this country, the United States government is placing more and more obstacles in their way. Who are they afraid of?

5. Reducing from $164 to $50 per day the amount of money that Cubans living in the United States can spend to cover expenses when visiting Cuba; a new, arbitrary discriminatory measure imposed on the Cuban community in the United States.

6. Directing the U.S. law enforcement authorities to conduct ?sting operations? against anyone who carries money to the relatives of Cubans living in the United States. They even offer rewards to those who inform on illegal family remittances.

7. Stepping up the restrictions on licenses for educational trips and academic exchanges by US citizens and institutions with regulations that are more stringent than those currently in effect. Remember that the licenses for the so-called ?people to people exchanges? have already been eliminated by the Bush administration.

8. Making a rigorous analysis to assess whether implementing Title III of the Helms -Burton Act would run contrary to U.S. interests or if implementing it would expedite the fall of the Cuban Revolution. In practice, it holds out the possibility of bringing third-county businesspeople before U.S. courts if they invest in Cuba, a provision that has not been applied to date.

9. Aggressively pursuing the same Act?s Title IV sanctions. These forbid giving foreign nationals who invest in Cuba visas for travel to the United States; additional personnel and resources will be devoted to enforcing this provision of the Helms-Burton Act.

10. Neutralizing Cuban companies working in the export sector. To do this, they will establish a Cuban Asset Targeting Group devoted to investigating Cuban companies and foreign companies which trade with Cuba.

11. Stepping up efforts to involve third-country governments in campaigns against the Cuban Revolution.

12. Supporting action in third countries to discourage tourist travel to Cuba.

13. Continuing to deny visas to Cuban officials who have to travel to the United States.

14. Establishing a Transition Coordinator for Cuba at the State Department which will be in charge of checking if all these measures are being applied.

The other five chapters insolently set forth the measures that the United States government will implement in our country once they have made their dream of overthrowing the Cuban Revolution come true. We shall not stop to analyze them at this point. We shall just give one example: one of the proposed measures is ?for the immediate immunization of all children under five who have not been already immunized for the major childhood diseases?. Our people can draw their own conclusions. This is a plan to annex Cuba and to return to the misconceived republic of the Platt Amendment.

The cruelty and hatred which inspire this new aggression against our country are beyond belief. What they are doing is using every possible means to exacerbate the difficult conditions which the criminal U.S. blockade already imposes on us. It is a flagrant violation of the human rights of 11 million Cubans whom they are trying to bring to their knees through hunger and disease, simply for the crime of wanting to be free and independent and because we will not submit to imperial orders.

The measures announced yesterday are also a violation of the rights of Cuban-born citizens living in the United States. From now on, new, draconian restrictions are to be imposed on their rights to travel and to send economic aid to their relatives in Cuba.

All of these measures, and U.S. policy as a whole, openly ignore the real interests of the American people, of the overwhelming majority of Cubans living in the United States, of a majority of the members of the U.S. Congress and of broad sectors in that country who want normal relations with Cuba.

The assignment of tens of millions of dollars to promote mercenary activity in Cuba, the violation of international law to carry subversive broadcasts against another country from an airplane, plus the scandalous and internationally criticized installation of a loathsome concentration camp in the territory occupied by force in Cuba all constitute unprecedented acts of provocation which destroy the norms and principles of international law, and which will have to be discussed in the broadest range of international fora, including the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva.

The devious, cynical, cruel nature of the current administration is revealed clearly by the fact that it adopted these measures against our people at a juncture when the price of food and its transportation cost have almost doubled on the world market ? the price of sugar barely covers its production cost and the price of fuel has gone up steadily to reach the outrageous price of almost $40 per barrel. They are also trying to deliver the heaviest blow possible to tourism which has once again entered a period of strong growth.

It makes one laugh to hear promises for the future vaccination of children in a country where preventative medicine and vaccination have attained one of the highest levels in the world, as it does to hear this announcement from a country where tens of millions of men, women and children have no medical care and where more children die for every 1000 live births than in Cuba. The Führer is driven mad by the reality of the enormous human capital created by our people, by its ability to send tens of thousands of doctors to the most remote places in the Third World ?which is greater than the ability of all of the advanced countries put together? by its progress in the education, health and culture systems which will shortly put Cuba in the first place among all the countries on earth .

The solid support given to the Revolution by almost the whole population makes it invulnerable to Mr. Bush?s putrid ideology. They want to wipe off Cuba?s example. The fraudulently elected President?s insane and repugnant programs for transition in Cuba are directed to that end.

This is the way they want to destroy all that a heroic people have built with incredible love. Cuba may be wiped off the map but no threat or insane action by Mr. Bush can discourage it. His cruel and cowardly measures will doubtlessly impose some degree of sacrifice on our people but they will not for one second slow down the march towards the humane and social goals it has set itself and no one will be helpless. Cuba will never return to the horrible, wretched, inhuman condition of a U.S. colony.

As our Commander in Chief said to more than one million Cubans on May 1st. ?If Cuba defends itself, if it arrests and punishes mercenaries in order that no one should think they are invulnerable to punishment, then they launch massive campaigns against our country. They want to prevent her from defending herself, and this country, without violating the standards it has always observed in its struggles, will defend itself with the law, and it will defend itself with weapons, whenever this is necessary, down to the last drop of blood?. (Applause and shouts)

You should better read the German version, if you can. I didn't have the time to translate the whole website, particularly because I prefer to write some new paragraphs. Most of the links are German anyway. And all this, here, is quite old. some in the age of an adult..