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I'm sorry, I am not able to complete or just maintain an english version of the website. So this is very old half-work and most of the Links lead to german text anyway. So better, without detour, try the german version

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Marion, 10.7.61

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Good girl. Mother of both the boys. Lives with us. Married with me. Well, if I were a political party, she wouldn't just be my speaker and maybe I not hers , but she's getting more and more sympathic to me. And more and more competent. (Thats a later addition) Doesn't do very much in the internet.

She's really developing well in the last two years .Succeded to give up smoking January 3rd 2005, has a job as mail-deliverer from a small post-company, regarding her wage she does half of the work honorary, writes a very very very long fairy tale (several thick notebooks). She's very proud of herself now, and I think that's some really respectable imagination of hers.


This is Manfred

(He's our son and we like him very much)

e-mail address

Nick, 26.9.95

This is Nick: He has lost his ability to speak, when he was four and a half. Now he got to help himself with other means. Well, he is very friendly, but of course he can't have the same control of his environment, as others.

It's some brain-related problem. They say he's autistic. On April 12th ,2002 he moved into the „Lebenshilfe“ home. The home is very good. Nick enjoys his stay. He's got his own life there, he only visits us on Sundays. We're always happy, when he arrives.

(200 Euros a day, well that's the final kick to our purse We will never again have more money, than about the amount they pay you as social security or they leave you if you can't pay your debts, for as long as parents have to pay the maintenance for their children. Thus we needn't really make anymore attempts to earn the big money. We won't have it anyway.)

He is on the school for disabled in Neuss „Nordpark“. He likes occupations, in which you move a lot, biking for example and he also likes to move in the virtual environment. e.g. at Tony Hawk. What he likes too, are those „Löwenzahn“ CD's

e-mail to us : or (no longer existent address) (I hope one of those addresses will always work But may be my mail is caught away by someone. I will answer everything.) I have set up this site with open-office HTML-editor and my provider is „freenet“.: ............... Not everything on this site is up to date. It's more like a diary. last alteration

I have just begun with the english and french translation.Most links are still to german versions.

Stopped this project again. It's too big for one human life...together with all the other things at least...